Our Space is more than just a regular serviced office provider. Our aim is to provide modern, professional and valued office space to our members. The ethos behind Our Space is to provide to office space to businesses at the best locations at an affordable rate. We want to work with businesses that are growing so they can grow with us as we have a lot of different styled offices opening up soon all around the UK.  

Our Space provides an all-inclusive packages for your business, taking away all the complexity of having multiple overheads. We make it extremely easy to get started and all of our services are premium meaning businesses can work to their full potential. 

Our strategy is to provide you with the best service and we take on all the feedback you provide us and loop this back into continuously  improving the standard of work in our offices. We understand that business strive for more than just office space, they want to have the best facilities at affordable prices, and that's exactly what we offer.

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affordable pricing

Our Space provides affordable pricing in some of the best locations in London and Birmingham. With a regular office, there are a lot of overheads which need to be taken into account. Our Space simply puts all of the costs into one manageable bill at an affordable rate. Check out our locations and book in a visit to see our offices for yourself.

Dedicated internet and back-up

Our Space provide all of our offices with dedicated fibre internet services. We know the frustration slow internet speeds can cause and how this can affect productivity. Businesses want to function efficiently and with cloud applications becoming more and more popular, particularly when taking into account cost savings for a business, we ensure you have connectivity at all times. We can provide speeds of up to 10Gbps meaning you do not need to worry about bandwidth. 


Private offices  1 to 100

Whether you are just one person or a whole team we have private offices spaces to suit your needs. With our portfolio of buildings we can cater for your business. We ensure that we provide all of the services that you need to succeed in your everyday tasks and make sure this is cost-effective. 

Short Term Contracts

Our Space is confident with the services we provide, so we offer short, flexible contracts to our members. We provide you with one bill each month for all of your services, allowing for you to concentrate on what matters most to you, without the headache of checking all of your bills and rent. If you don't believe how good it is, speak with some of our members to find out what they think.  

Also included

Our Services have picked with you in mind and we are offering the best value for money with our buildings. Just to give you a sneak peek; here are some of the services we offer in our buildings.  

·         Modern refurbished buildings  

·         Flexible short term contracts  

·         10Gb/S dedicated internet – unlimited data usage  

·         For 1 – 100 Desk space  

·         All inclusive pricing  (except for meeting room usage and telephone hire - prices made clear before the start of membership)

·         Cleaning services